Facial Oils in Hot & Humid Climate – Yes or No?

Yes, we agree - no one enjoys having a greasy face. Then, you’re probably wondering why you’d ever consider using a facial oil in a hot & humid climate. We'll tell you why. Facial oils are the ultimate beauty treatment and one that surprisingly all skin types can use.
It’s all about the balance
The oil in facial oil products is completely different to the oil your skin produces. Oily skinned ladies may know that when your skin over produces sebum, your skin will begin to look greasy. There’s no quick fix for oily skin, but, using harsh products strips the skin of its oils, causing even more sebum to be produced. We don’t wanna become best friends with sebum, so the easiest solution is to use a facial oil instead. An amazing facial oil replenishes the skin with essential fatty acids to provide it with the moisture it needs. This harmonises the skin, meaning less sebum is produced as natural balance is restored.
It’s a spot buster!
It’s no secret that sebum blocks pores causing spots to erupt! As the skin becomes balanced and less sebum is produced, it means that clearer skin is the way forward!
It’s an all-round wonder product
A facial oil for oily skin is more than just about balance. Oily skin is still prone to redness and irritation, just like other skin types, and if you want a remedy for your clients that’s going to do serious business then facial oil is the way to go. A facial oil is more concentrated than a moisturiser, so it really is the bomb when it comes to soothing, hydrating and restoring the complexion. A little goes a long way and even the smallest amount on problem areas will leave your clients looking va-va voom!
Its youth in a bottle
The quest for eternal youth won’t provide a happy ending but a facial oil sure will. Any skin type can benefit from adding a little oil to their skincare routine as this magic potion will prove. The best oils for oily skin are lemon, lavender, evening primrose and rosemary. Applying a little all over the skin will plump, smooth and firm oily skin, without leaving the worry of having a greasy, spotty complexion.
It can be used for cleansing and moisturising
Forget having to use a separate cleanser or moisturiser. Facial oil is truly in and for oily skin, it can be used for either cleansing or toning. As a cleanser, simply massage it into the face and remove with a warm cloth. For moisturising, gently apply all over the face and neck and leave to absorb. It’s that easy!

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